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Exclusive private addiction treatment in Alentejo, Portugal

Western Counselling is now delivering its internationally renowned treatment program within an exclusive luxury seven bedded rural boutique hotel in the beautiful, tranquil region of Alentejo in Portugal.

This comprehensive program provides residents with the best possible route into a sustained, long term recovery. The holistic range of therapies are delivered within a 12Step abstinence based treatment framework, freeing residents from past learned behaviours, leading to a renewed sense of self and peace of mind.



Enjoy life
without having
to use drugs
and alcohol.


Live life
to its fullest.


social events
without needing
to drink or drug.


Have healthy
and a newfound
sense of dignity.


Have healthy,
loving and caring

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Best climate
in Europe


One of the most affordable
countries in Europe


safe and secure


World leader
in innovative
drug policy


Drugs have been
since 2001


Addiction treated
as a health issue
rather than a criminal issue


treatment sector
highly regulated
and audited


One of the lowest
crime rates
in the EU


One of the most
liveable cities
in Europe


An affordable
flight away


Colin – UK

"The quality of counselling itself.. I found excellent, well informed, intuitive, understanding, friendly but perfectly distanced and all round 5 star… get on your bikes, post haste"

Colin 56yrs old came to MONTE with very little expectation other than to be “knocked out with medication”. He discovered a programme of change and a personal understanding of his addictive traits and behaviours. We wish you joy in sobriety Colin.

Iain – UK

“Fantastic, life saving. Extremely well developed and structured programme. All staff are knowledgeable and their delivery techniques are excellent”.

Iain was in extremely poor physical shape when he arrived. He committed himself fully to the
programme and gained a new perspective on life and his future. We wish you well Iain, you worked
hard and are reaping the benefits.

Luc – Switzerland

"It was by far the most life changing experience for me and I would strongly recommend it to anyone to make deep changes in their life... therapy is top notch"

Luc arrived having had a detox programme arranged in Lisbon. Initially he struggled to identify with this peers, preferring to see himself as different. With time and perseverance Luc has gained self awareness of his core issues and learnt a new self confidence in his own abilities and decisions.

Au revoir Luc, you’re a very special young man, we wish you much happiness in sobriety

Nicholas – UK

“The foundations (of the programme) are well built and tweaked to suit each client”

Nicholas undertook his detox programme in the UK and transferred to Monte Wellness Centre with little understanding of what commitment was required to undertake a programme of change. Initially he was resistant to making any changes however came to be a positive contributor in group therapy and workshops and was well respected by his peers.

We wish you health and happiness in your recovery Nicholas, it was a pleasure to meet you and we shall miss your stories and humour.

Archie – UK

“Coming here was the best thing Ive ever done with my life and Im eternally grateful”.

Archie arrived not thinking he had much of a problem, however through the duration of his
programme gained self awareness of his substance abuse and related issues. Since leaving treatment
he has got married and is expecting his first child. Congratulations Archie, we’re all thrilled for you.

Brian – SPAIN

“i would recommend it without any reservations if you're serious about recovery and want the highest level of care in a beautiful environment, this Is the place”

Brian arrived exhausted, grey and angry. He spent the first few days sleeping however committed himself to the programme and the opportunities given at Monte and progressed quickly. Brian presents as finally being at peace with himself, he completed his programme and returns to his home and family in Spain with strong foundations for ongoing recovery.

Its been a privilege to be part of your journey, Brian.

Amanda – UK

“It’s the best rehab I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a few). The most amazing revelation has been that I am not depressed and I don’t have chronic fatigue syndrome. Quite simply I have the disease of addiction and a programme of recovery to combat this. I really cant thank you all enough, so I will show you by doing the best I can”

Mandy was a chronic relapser; she committed herself fully to the process and made the effort to benefit fully from all the therapies, group sessions, workshops, activities and 1:1 sessions and is now at home, living sober and attending regular fellowship meetings in the community. So pleased for you Mandy, you worked really hard and are reaping the benefits.


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